Today’s Current Affairs-18 June 2021-ORSP


Post Views: 305 Today’s Current Affairs-18th June 2021-ORSP  Today’s Current Affairs-18th June 2021-ORSP Q1) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has launched which Portal for people to check, modify subscription of TV channels ? Q1) ଟେଲିକମ୍ ରେଗୁଲେଟୋରୀ ଅଥରିଟି ଅଫ୍ ଇଣ୍ଡିଆ କେଉଁ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲଗୁଡିକର ସଦସ୍ୟତା ଯାଞ୍ଚ, ରୂପାନ୍ତର କରିବା ପାଇଁ କେଉଁ ପୋର୍ଟାଲ୍ ଲଞ୍ଚ କରିଛି? A. TV Controller portal C. DTH Selector portal B. TV Plan Module portal D. TV Channel Selector web portal Q2) According to a Bank of America report, IT companies are set to slash how many jobs by 2022 due to…

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