Post Views: 733 DECE1-UNIT 1(HINDI)-IGNOU-ORSP Welcome To Odisha Regional Study Point We Allows the best competitive exam preparation for SSC,BANKING, RAILWAY &Other State Exam(CT, BE.d) DECE(IGNOU) In ଓଡ଼ିଆ Language… Why opt ORSP? ✅Daily Free Live class ✅Daily Free practice Quiz ✅FREE Live Tests Quiz ✅Performance Analysis ✅All Govt Exams are Covered Join With us As per Schedule And Happy Learning… Thank You ORSP (9502052059) UNIT 1 THE EXPERIENCE OF CHILDHOOD बच्चों का अनुभव Structure: 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Being a Child 1.3 The Socio-Cultural Context of Childhood 1.3.1 Gender 1.3.2 Social…

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DECE1 Unit 6(Important Questions)(HIN+ENG)-IGNOU-ORSP


Post Views: 2,056 PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT AND CARE निजी विकास और देखभाल LIVE CLASS VIDEO TOPIC STRUCTURE UNIT 6 PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT AND CARE निजी विकास और देखभाल Structure6.1 Introduction6.2 Conception6.3 Intra-uterine Growth6.3.1 Period of the Ovum6.3.2 Period of the Embryo6.33 Period of the Foetus6.4 Birth of the Child6.5 Care of the Mother during Pregnancy6.5.1 Nutrition6.52 Health Care6.5.3 Emotional States6.6 Summary6.7 Glossary6.8 Answers to Check Your Progress Exercises CONCEPTION Conception occurs around the middle of the woman’s menstrual cycle, when a sperm from the male parent unite with the ovum, also called…

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