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Current Affairs: 8th DECEMBER 2022

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Q : 1 

In which wildebeest reserve is the tiger-tailed macaque?

(A) Nilgiri

(B) Dihang-Dibang

(C) Nokrek

(D) None of these

(A) Nilgiri

Q :  2

Who is the Chairman of Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP)?

(A) R • K • Pachauri

(B) Vandana Shiva

(C) Madhav Gadgil

(D) Pradeep Krishnan

(C) Madhav Gadgil

Q :3  

The Cartagena protocol is about safe use, transfer and handling?

(A) nuclear waste

(B) invasive alien species

(C) Modified Living Organisms (LMO)

(D) None of these

(B) invasive alien species.

Q :  4

The most commonly found green house gas in the world is: –

(A) carbon dioxide

(B) Water vapor

(C) Sulfur Dioxide

(D) ozone

(B) Water vapor

Q :  5

In which unit is the thickness of the stratospheric ozone gas layer measured?

(A) Caverts

(B) Dobson unit

(C) Melsen Unit

(D) None of these

(B) Dobson unit

Q : 6 

Which award is given to those who show indomitable courage in the field of wildlife conservation?

(A) Indira Gandhi Environment Award

(B) Medini Award Scheme

(C) Amrita Devi Bishnoi Award

(D) Pitambar Pant National Award

(C) Amrita Devi Bishnoi Award

Q :  7

Which of the following multilateral conference is meant to protect human health and the environment from sustainable organic pollutants?

(A) bone conference

(B) Stockholm Conference

(C) Rotterdam Conference

(D) Basel Conference

(B) Stockholm Conference

Q :  8

Which of the following is not a traditional source of energy?

(A) Natural Gas

(B) Mineral Oil

(C) Geothermal energy

(D) Coal

(C) Geothermal energy

 : 9 

Which of the following is known as the suicide sac of the cell?

(A) Lysozyme

(B) golgibody

(C) ribosome

(D) None of these

(A) Lysozyme

Q :  10

Which of these diseases is also known as ‘encephalitis’?

(A) Japanese encephalitis

(B) Tetanus

(C) Dengue

(D) Rabies


(A) Japanese encephalitis

Q :  12

Will florescence occur in understory plants (SDP), when?

(A) Nights are short-lived

(B) the days are long term

(C) Long-term nights

(D) None of these

C) Long-term nights

 :  13

Which of the following is ‘V.A.M.’ (VAM) is fungus?

(A) Glomus species

(B) Fusarium species

(C) Rhizoctonia species

(D) Pythium species

(A) Glomus species

Q :14  

Nichrome metal element is used in electric heaters, because?

(A) It has high resistivity

(B) Its melting point is high

(C) More powerful current can be flow in it

(D) For all the above reasons

(D) For all the above reasons

Q :  15

The main ingredient of ‘Bio Gas’ is?

(A) ethane

(B) Ammonia

(C) Methane

(D) Ethylene

(D) For all the above reasons

Q :  16

“Gases of the same volume at the same temperature and pressure have the same number of molecules” Which of the following is this rule?

(A) Boyle’s law

(B) Charles’s law

(C) Volume rules of Gelusak

(D) Rule of Avogadro’s hypothesis

(D) Rule of Avogadro’s hypothesis

Q :  17

Sulfur is used?

(A) dynamite

(B) gunpowder

(C) Ammo

(D) All of the above

(D) All of the above

Q :  18

Are power plants added to homes?

(A) in series

(B) Parallel

(C) in mixed order

(D) None of these

(B) Parallel

Q :  19

Can the difference between cotton and woolly fibers be found

(A) touching

(B) Torches

(C) reacting with NaOH

(D) Taking action with H.S.O.

(B) Torches

Q :  20

Was Insuline Discovered?

(A) Bentig

(B) Domake

(C) Ronald Ross

(D) Harvey

(A) Bentig

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