DECE1 Unit 7(Important Questions)(HIN+ENG)-IGNOU-ORSP

PHYSICAL, MOTOR AND SENSORY DEVELOPMENT फिजिकल, मोटर और सेंसरी डेवलपमेंट LIVE CLASS VIDEO TOPIC STRUCTURE UNIT 7 StructureIntroductionThe NeonateThe First Few Hours Capabilities of the NewbornCare of the NeonateThe InfantSensory CapabilitiesPhysical DevelopmentMotor DevelopmentImportance of Physical, Motor and Sensory DevelopmentMaturational Basis and Environmental Influences on Physical, Sensory andMotor DevelopmentCare of the InfantFeedingHealth Care and ImmunizationGrowth MonitoringSumming UpGlossaryAnswers … Read more