DECE1-UNIT 9(Important Question)(HIN+ENG)-IGNOU-ORSP


Post Views: 1,127 LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:LEARNING TO SPEAK भाषा विकास: गति के लिए अग्रणी LIVE CLASS VIDEO TOPIC STRUCTURE UNIT 9 LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:LEARNING TO SPEAK भाषा विकास:गति के लिए अग्रणी Structure IntroductionWhat is LanguageDevelopment of LanguageDiscriminating Speech SoundsBeginnings of SpeechInfluences on Language DevelopmentBiological FactorsEnvironmental Factors WHAT IS LANGUAGE Language is a system that consists of symbols (i.e. words) that stand for particular objects, relationships, actions and feelings and through which we can transmit and understand a large variety of messages. The ability to communicate with each other using a language system…

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