1. The diagonal of square is 20 cm, then perimeter of the square must be: 10 √2 cm 40 cm 200 cm 40 √2 cm Answer Correct Answers Is: 4SOLUTIONGiven: The diagonal of the square is 20 cm. Concept used:  Perimter = 2√2 x diagonal Calculation:  ⇒ Perimeter = 2√2 x 20 = 40√2 cm ∴ The diagonal of square is 20 cm, … Read more

Arithmetic (Pipes & Cistern ନଳ ଓ ପାଣିଟେଙ୍କି)

Arithmetic, particularly in the context of Pipes and Cisterns, is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers, their properties, and the basic operations involving them. The Pipes and Cisterns topic specifically focuses on solving problems related to the filling or emptying of tanks, cisterns, or pipes. In practical terms, understanding the … Read more

|1000 Aptitude MCQ For ICDS Supervisor,RI,ARI,AMIN&SFS|

|1000 APTITUDE PYP MCQ |ICDS Supervisor ,RI,ARI,AMIN,SFS| Aspiring ICDS Supervisors, RIs, ARIs, AMINs, and SFS, this call is for you! Embark on a journey to conquer Aptitude  with a powerful weapon: 1000 carefully crafted Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This comprehensive resource unlocks the door to exam success, empowering you to navigate the digital landscape with … Read more