| Previous Year Question | Dec 2017 | DECE 3 | IGNOU | ORSP |

| Previous Year Question | Dec 2017 | DECE 3 | IGNOU | ORSP |

1. Describe the contributions of any two educationists of Indian origin to early childhood/preschool education. 20 MARK

2. (a) What do you understand by the term “special children” ? 5 MARK

(b) What are the areas that are critical to one’s normal functioning ? 5 MARK

(c) Differentiate between the terms — Impairment Disability and Handicap. What should be done to ensure that an impairment or disability does not become a handicap ? 10 MARK

3. Explain the principles that one must keep in mind when working with a mentally disabled child. Support your answer with relevant examples for each aspect/principle. 20 MARK




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