General Studies I (ସାଧାରଣ ଅଧ୍ୟୟନ I)-mini mock 1

“Welcome to General Studies I Mini Mock 1, a valuable resource designed to aid your preparation for competitive examinations. This study material is crafted to assess your knowledge across various subjects and topics that fall under the umbrella of General Studies. Tailored for both English and Odia speakers, this mini mock test serves as a … Read more

Arithmetic (Pipes & Cistern ନଳ ଓ ପାଣିଟେଙ୍କି)- FOR PMST-2024

Focusing on selected questions, especially in specific topics like Pipe and Cistern, can be immensely helpful for your preparation for the PMST-2024 exam. By analyzing and practicing selected questions, you can deepen your understanding of the underlying concepts, improve your problem-solving skills, and enhance your overall performance in that particular category. It allows you to … Read more

Arithmetic (Pipes & Cistern ନଳ ଓ ପାଣିଟେଙ୍କି)

Arithmetic, particularly in the context of Pipes and Cisterns, is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers, their properties, and the basic operations involving them. The Pipes and Cisterns topic specifically focuses on solving problems related to the filling or emptying of tanks, cisterns, or pipes. In practical terms, understanding the … Read more