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Today’s Current Affairs-20th June 2021-ORSP 

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Today’s Current Affairs-20th June 2021-ORSP

Q1) Which state has launched the Yuva Shakti Corona Mukti Abhiyan?
A. Assam                               B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh       D. Jharkhand


Q2) Pritzker Prize Laureate Gottfried Böhm passed away recently, Pritzker prize is given for which field?
A. Journalism      B. Architechture
C. Science                   D. Medicine


Q3) Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti which is a 3-day festival to honour womanhood is being celebrated in which state?
A. Assam                B. West Bengal
C. Karnataka          D. Odisha

Q4) Which state government will present its own versions of the Bharat Ratna and the Padma awards from next year?
A. Assam        B. Tamil Nadu
C. Sikkim          D. West Bengal


Q5) Which space agency has planned to put the world’s first wooden satellite, WISA Woodsat, on Earth’s orbit by the end of 2021?
A. NASA        B. Roscosmos
C. ESA          D. CNES

Q6) Sanchari Vijay, who died in a road accident, was a renowned actor of which regional cinema?
A. Telugu     B. Tamil
C. Odia         D. Kannada

Q7) An India Interagency Expert Committee on Malaria and Climate (IEC), to eliminate malaria in India, has been constituted by which among the following?
A. Malaria No More                                           B. India Meteorological Department
C. Indian Council of Medical Research          D. All the above

Q8) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held its 31 st summit in which country?
A. Argentina        B. Belgium
C. Denmark          D. United States

Q9) What is the theme of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021?
A. Access to Justice                              B. Lifting Up Voices
C. Build Strong Support For Elders       D. End Financial Abuse of Older People

Q10) What is the rank of India in World Giving Index (WGI) 2021 ?
A. 13th        B. 14 th
C. 18 th       D. 20 th

Q11) An IIT Roorkee professor has received the ‘N SG Counter-IED & Counter-Terrorism Innovator Award 2021′ f or his design of a blast-resistant helmet, what’s his name?
A. Shailesh Ganpule         B. Sanjiva Prasad
C. Aaditeshwar Seth               D. Abhijnan Chakraborty

Q12) The first commercial consignment of G I certified Jardalu mangoes o f which state was exported to United Kingdom?
A. Maharashtra       B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar                 D. Madhya Pradesh

Q13) Who has won the $ 15,000 Gelfand Challenge chess title?
A. Arjun Kalyan                  B. D. Gukesh
C. Raunak Sadhwani          D. Aryan Chopra

Q14) A Chinese spacecraft, S henzhou-19, will blast off from which Desert on a Long March rocket soon?
A. Sahara Desert              B. Kalahari Desert
C. Sonoran Desert           D. Gobi Desert

Q15) 2 1 Copper plate inscriptions d ating back to the 14th or 16th century was found near
Mallikarjuna Swamy temple in Srisailam in which state?
A. Telangana                    B. T amil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh    D. Karnataka

Q16) As per the new guidelines of Indian Government , jewellers across India will now be allowed to sell gold items of only 14, 18 and ____ carats from June 15, 2021 onwards?
A. 22       B. 24
C. 23        D. 25

Q17) A 15-meter-tall tree, P yrostria laljii, belongs t o the genus of the coffee, has been
dicovered in which state or UT?
A. Ladakh              B. Maharashtra
C. Karnataka         D. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Q18) E-commerce major Flipkart has partnered with which state to deliver medical supplies to remote areas under the ‘ Medicines from the Sky’ project?
A. Telangana           B. Hiamchal Pradesh
C. Uttarakhand           D. Karnataka

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