| Today’s Current Affairs | 28th June 2021 | ORSP |

Today’s Current Affairs-28th June 2021-ORSP 

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Today’s Current Affairs-28th June 2021-ORSP


Q1) Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc has opened its first charging station in which city of China?
A. Hefei                                                B. Lhasa
C. Chengdu                                          D. Beijing

Q2) According to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, 2021, what is the rank of India on levels of overall trust in news?

A. 23 rd                                                B. 34 th
C. 31 st                                                D. 40 th

Q3) Who is the author of the book “ The Startup Wife ”?

A. Tahmima Anam                B. Reetika Vazirani
C. Chitra Banerjee                      D. Avni Doshi

Q4) What is the theme of the International Widow Day 2021?

A. Rights, dignity and justice for widows        B. Invisible Women, Invisible Problems
C. I am Generation Equality                              D. Injustice faced by Widows

Q5) Who has been appointed as the ‘ Ambassador of Forest Frontline Heroes ’ at WWF India?

A. Almitra Patel                           B. Anita Shankar
C. Tulsi Gowda                            D. Upasana Kamineni

Q6) Tamil Nadu government has constituted an Economic Advisory Council to the Chief Minister. Who is not a member of this council?

A. Raghuram Rajan                  B. Urjit Patel
C. Aravind Subramanian         D. Esther Duflo

Q7) Laurel Hubbard, who has become the first-ever transgender athlete to compete in Olympics, hails from which country?

A. New Zealand                      B. Denmark
C. Britain                                     D. Australia

Q8) Which state will launch the state Learning Management System to promote digital learning in higher education?

A. Odisha                                    B. Bihar
C. Jharkhand                             D. Karnataka

Q9) Union government has extended the waiver of Inter-State Transmission system (ISTS) charges on the transmission of electricity generated from solar and wind sources up to which year?

A. 2030                                      B. 2025
C. 2022                                        D. 2027

Q10) Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) and NCERT have recently collaborated for which capacity-building programme ?

A. Pratishta                                B. Nishtha
C. Sanchay                                  D. Nishchay

● NISHTHA – National Initiative for School Heads’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement

Q11) Airtel has announced a partnership with which company for 5G network solutions?

A. Wipro                                     B. Infosys
C. TCS                                       D. Tech Mahindra

Q12) Former Olympic gold medallist Markis Kido, who passed away recently, was associated with which sports?

A. Wrestling                              B. Archery
C. Boxing                                   D. Badminton

Q13) The  Lakshadweep administration has mooted a proposal to shift its legal jurisdiction from the Kerala High Court to which High Court?

A. Karnataka                        B. Tamil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh                  D. Odisha

Q14) Hayagriva Madhava Temple Committee of which state has proposed a plan for long-term conservation of the rare freshwater black softshell turtle?

A. Nagaland                             B. West Bengal
C. Assam                                D. Sikkim

Q15) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in collaboration with which company has launched a hybrid cloud lab for advance research in hybrid cloud technologies?

A. Microsoft                             B. Intel
C. Google                                  D. IBM

Q16) Who has won the gold medal in the 10-meter air pistol, para women, event at World shooting Para Sport Cup in Peru?

A. Dilraj Kaur                          B. Rubina Francis
C. Shweta Singh                      D. Avani Lekhara

Q17) ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI) has identified which crop as an alternative raw material for Ethanol production in India?

A. Beans                                      B. Potato
C. Jackfruit                                D. Cassava

Q18) Which state has e-launched Agricultural Diversification Scheme-2021  benefiting vanbandhu- farmers in tribal areas?

A. Gujarat                                B. Odisha
C. Jharkhand                             D. Madhya Pradesh

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