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Today’s Current Affairs-4th July 2021-ORSP 

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Today’s Current Affairs-4th July 2021-ORSP

1)Which of the following state government has recently launched IT policy for 2021-24?

1. Kerala government
2. Gujarat government
3. Delhi Government
4. Government of Andhra Pradesh

2)Recently how old chess player Abhimanyu Mishra has become the youngest Grand Master in the world?

1. 10 years
2. 12 years
3. 14 years
4. 13 years

3)Recently who has approved the merger of Tech Data Corporation with Sinex Corporation?

1. Policy commission
2. Planning Commission
3. Competition Commission of India
4. Education commission

4)The Union Cabinet has approved the MoU signed between India and which republic on Renewal of Personnel Administration and Governance Reforms?

1. Check
2. The Gambia
3. Senegal
4. Zambia

5)Which institution released a study on the ‘not-for-profit’ hospital model in India?

2. NITI Aayog
4. IMA

6)PM Narendra Modi during his address to doctors announced a credit guarantee scheme of how much value to meet the shortfall in health facilities?

1. 50,000 crores
2. 25,000 crore
3. 30,000 crores
4. 15,000 crore

7)DCGI has rejected SII’s application to test which vaccine on children?

1. Cowishield
2. kovovax
3. ZyCoV-D
4. Corbewax

8)Who among the following has recently become the first Indian swimmer to qualify for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics?

1. Rohit Havaldar
2. Sajan Prakash
3. Suyash Jadhav
4. Prasanta Karmakar

9)Regional Conference on Good Governance Practices is being organized in _____________.

1. Indore
2. Bhopal
3. Shimla
4. Srinagar

10)What is the name of India’s 1 indigenous drone defence dome recently developed by Hyderabad-based Grene Robotics?

1. Nagpash
2. Akashdome
3. Indrarakshak
4. Indrajaal


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