Test Your Knowledge! 100 Odisha December 2023 Current Affairs MCQs with Explanations

100 Odisha December 2023 Current Affairs

Aspiring ICDS Supervisors, RIs, ARIs, AMINs, and SFS, this call is for you!  100 Odisha! December 2023. This comprehensive resource unlocks the door to exam success, empowering you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Image of Malkangiri Airport, Odisha

1. Which airport in Odisha was inaugurated in December 2023?

(a) Rourkela Airport (b) Koraput Airport (c) Malkangiri Airport (d) Puri Airport


Answer: (c) Malkangiri Airport

Explanation: Malkangiri Airport, built at a cost of Rs 29 crore, was inaugurated in December 2023. It features a 1,602-meter runway and connects the remote Malkangiri district to other parts of the state, boosting air connectivity and tourism.

Image of irrigation canal in Odisha

2. What was the main objective of the “Govindapally Irrigation Project” approved in December 2023?

(a) Provide clean drinking water to villages

(b) Increase power generation

(c) Enhance irrigation facilities

(d) Develop an industrial zone


Answer: (c) Enhance irrigation facilities

Explanation: The Govindapally Irrigation Project, with an investment of Rs 4,000 crore, aims to irrigate 92,815 acres of farmland in the drought-prone areas of Kalahandi and Boudh districts. This project will improve agricultural productivity and rural livelihoods.

Image of slum housing colony in Odisha

3. Which scheme initiated by Odisha in December 2023 provided land right certificates to slum dwellers?

(a) Mo Sarkar (b) Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (c) KALIA Scheme (d) Jaga Mission


Answer: (d) Jaga Mission

Explanation: The Jaga Mission, launched in 2018, provided land rights to over 65,000 poor families living in slums across five metropolitan cities in Odisha in December 2023. This initiative aims to improve living conditions and security of tenure for urban slum dwellers.

Image of protest against mining in Odisha

4. What controversy arose in Odisha regarding the proposed Sijimali Bauxite Mines in December 2023?

(a) Allegations of financial irregularities

(b) Concerns about displacement of tribal communities

(c) Environmental degradation risks

(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Explanation: The planned Sijimali Bauxite Mines by Vedanta Ltd. faced opposition from locals due to potential environmental harm, loss of forest cover, and displacement of tribal communities who depend on the area for sustenance. Public hearings raised concerns about the project’s impact on flora, fauna, and traditional livelihoods.

Image of train passing through a forested area in Odisha

5. Which technology was introduced in December 2023 to protect elephants from train collisions in Odisha?

(a) Drone surveillance (b) Acoustic deterrents (c) “Gajraj System” (d) Bio fences


Answer: (c) “Gajraj System”

Explanation: The Indian Railways deployed the “Gajraj System” along 700 km of forest sections passing through Odisha and other states. This system uses sensors, cameras, and communication alerts to warn both drivers and elephants about potential collisions, mitigating risks for both.

Image of Sun Temple, Konark

6. Which iconic monument in Odisha received UNESCO World Heritage Site status in December 2023?

(a) Sun Temple, Konark

(b) Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar

(c) Barabati Fort, Cuttack

(d) Dhauli Hills


Answer: (a) Sun Temple, Konark

Explanation: The magnificent Sun Temple at Konark, dedicated to the Sun God Surya, was finally granted UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition in December 2023. This majestic 13th-century temple, famed for its intricate carvings and chariot-shaped structure, has long been considered a masterpiece of Odia architecture and cultural heritage.

Image of ASHA worker in Odisha

7. What project was launched in December 2023 to improve healthcare services in rural areas of Odisha?

(a) ASHA Plus

(b) Mission Bhagwan Prana

(c) Swasthya Gram Sanskar

(d) Mo Aahar Mo Swasthya


Answer: (a) ASHA Plus

Explanation: Recognizing the crucial role of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) workers in primary healthcare, the Odisha government launched “ASHA Plus” in December 2023. This initiative aims to enhance ASHAs’ skills and equipment, enabling them to provide basic diagnostics, administer medicines, and offer maternal and child care services in remote villages, bridging the healthcare gap in rural areas.

Image of Ramakanta Rath, Odia poet

8. Which literary figure from Odisha received the prestigious Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award in December 2023?

(a) Manoj Das

(b) Pratibha Ray

(c) Ramakanta Rath

(d) Bibhuti Patnaik


Answer: (c) Ramakanta Rath

Explanation: Renowned Odia poet and lyricist Ramakanta Rath was conferred the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award, India’s highest literary honor, in December 2023. His profound poems and evocative lyrics have enriched Odia literature for decades, earning him widespread acclaim and this prestigious recognition.

A boost to railways infra: Work in progress on Khurda Road-Balangir new rail  line in Odisha - Railways News | The Financial Express

9. What major railway infrastructure project was inaugurated in Odisha in December 2023?

(a) Khurda-Puri Doubling Line

(b) Angul-Talcher Railway Line

(c) Khurda-Bolangir Express Line

(d) Jharsuguda-Barbil Doubling Line


Answer: (d) Jharsuguda-Barbil Doubling Line

Explanation: The completion and inauguration of the Jharsuguda-Barbil Doubling Line in December 2023 marked a significant development in Odisha’s railway infrastructure. This 193 km project, with double tracks, enhances freight and passenger train mobility between the industrial town of Jharsuguda and the mineral-rich Barbil region, boosting economic activity and trade in the state.

Image of waste segregation and recycling unit in Odisha

10. What innovative initiative was launched in December 2023 to promote sustainable waste management in Odisha?

(a) “Zero Waste Mission”

(b) “Plastic-Free Odisha”

(c) “Mo Garbage, Mo Income”

(d) “Green Circle Project”


Answer: (c) “Mo Garbage, Mo Income”

Explanation: The innovative “Mo Garbage, Mo Income” scheme was rolled out in December 2023 to incentivize waste segregation and recycling in Odisha. This initiative encourages households to separate wet and dry waste, providing financial rewards for those who contribute to responsible waste management. This program not only promotes cleanliness and environmental sustainability but also creates an alternative income source for the community.

Image of women's selfhelp group meeting in Odisha

11. What initiative launched in December 2023 by the Odisha government aimed to empower self-help groups (SHGs)?

(a) Mission Shakti

(b) Samrudhha Odisha

(c) Mo Sarkar Aapada Mitra

(d) KALIA Sthree Shakti


Answer: (d) KALIA Sthree Shakti

Explanation: Building upon the successful KALIA scheme, the Odisha government introduced KALIA Sthree Shakti in December 2023. This program specifically targets women’s SHGs, providing them with financial assistance, skill development training, and market linkages to strengthen their entrepreneurial ventures and improve their livelihood opportunities.

Image of police drone in Odisha

12. What technological innovation was adopted by the Odisha Police in December 2023 to enhance law enforcement?

(a) Drone surveillance for traffic monitoring

(b) Facial recognition systems in public spaces

(c) Artificial intelligence-powered crime prediction software

(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Explanation: The Odisha Police in December 2023 embraced a multi-pronged approach to strengthen law enforcement. They deployed drones for traffic monitoring and crowd control, utilized facial recognition cameras in strategic locations to identify criminals, and even began pilot projects with AI-powered crime prediction software. These technological advancements aimed to improve crime prevention, enhance public safety, and streamline police operations.

Image of archaeological excavations at Lalitagiri, Odisha

13. Which historical site in Odisha gained renewed attention in December 2023 due to ongoing archaeological excavations?

(a) Ratnagiri

(b) Lalitagiri

(c) Kapilash

(d) Assia


Answer: (b) Lalitagiri

Explanation: Recent archaeological excavations at Lalitagiri, a significant Buddhist tantric site near Cuttack, unearthed several ancient artifacts and structures in December 2023. These discoveries, including stupas, monasteries, and sculptures, shed light on the site’s historical importance as a major center of Buddhist learning and practice in the 7th-8th centuries, generating new insights into Odisha’s rich cultural heritage.

Image of protest against the proposed Posco steel plant in Odisha

14. Which environmental concern raised public debate in Odisha in December 2023 regarding a proposed industrial project?

(a) Diversion of a major river course

(b) Potential air pollution from a steel plant

(c) Impact on endangered marine life

(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Explanation: The proposed Posco steel plant near Paradip faced protests and concerns from environmental activists and local communities in December 2023. The potential impacts included diversion of the Devi River, air pollution from emissions, and the threat to endangered Olive Ridley turtles nesting along the nearby coastline. These concerns sparked discussion about balancing industrial development with environmental protection in Odisha.

Image of vaccination drive in Odisha

15. How did the Odisha government respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in December 2023?

(a) Reimposed strict lockdown measures

(b) Launched a new vaccination campaign

(c) Focused on strengthening healthcare infrastructure

(d) A combination of b and c


Answer: (d) A combination of b and c

Explanation: While remaining vigilant against potential COVID-19 surges, the Odisha government in December 2023 focused on proactive measures rather than strict lockdowns. The state launched a second booster vaccination drive while also strengthening healthcare infrastructure by upgrading hospitals and medical facilities across the state. This balanced approach aimed to combat the pandemic without disrupting daily life and economic activities.

KIIT-hosted 1st Janjatiya Khel Mahotsav Comes to an End in Odisha

16. What major sporting event was hosted by Odisha in December 2023?

(a) Hockey India League

(b) Men’s Kabaddi World Cup

(c) National Para-badminton Championships

(d) Indian Super League


Answer: (b) Men’s Kabaddi World Cup

Explanation: Odisha successfully hosted the 9th Men’s Kabaddi World Cup in December 2023. This prestigious event witnessed international kabaddi teams battling it out at the Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium in Rourkela. India emerged victorious, defeating Iran in the final, solidifying Odisha’s position as a key promoter of kabaddi within India and globally.

Image of traffic safety awareness campaign in Odisha

17. Which initiative launched by the Odisha government in December 2023 aimed to improve road safety and reduce accidents?

(a) Mission Sahay

(b) Surakshit Gati Abhiyan

(c) Mo Parivahan Suraksha

(d) Jana Jagruti Rath Yatra


Answer: (b) Surakshit Gati Abhiyan

Explanation: Recognizing the high number of road accidents in Odisha, the state government launched the “Surakshit Gati Abhiyan” campaign in December 2023. This initiative focuses on awareness campaigns, enforcement of traffic rules, and improvement of road infrastructure to promote responsible driving, prioritize pedestrian safety, and ultimately reduce road accidents.

Image of Chilka Lake, Odisha

18. What controversy arose in December 2023 regarding the proposed development of a tourism project at Chilka Lake, Odisha?

(a) Concerns about displacement of fishing communities

(b) Potential environmental damage to the lake ecosystem

(c) Allegations of corruption in land acquisition

(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Explanation: Plans for a large-scale tourism project at Chilka Lake, the largest lagoon in India, faced opposition in December 2023. Local communities worried about displacement, environmental groups raised concerns about ecological impact, and allegations of irregularities in land acquisition processes added to the controversy. The project’s future now remains uncertain as stakeholders seek a solution that balances tourism development with environmental protection and community well-being.

Mechanisation melas to boost agricultural implement sale in Odisha- The New  Indian Express

19. How did the Odisha government support farmers in December 2023 to boost agricultural productivity?

(a) Distributed high-yielding seeds and fertilizers

(b) Launched irrigation projects for drought-prone areas

(c) Introduced advanced farming techniques and training

(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Explanation: Committed to improving agricultural output and income for farmers, the Odisha government undertook various initiatives in December 2023. These included providing subsidized seeds and fertilizers, expanding irrigation coverage through projects like Govindapally Irrigation Project, and offering training programs on modern farming techniques and crop diversification. These multi-pronged efforts aim to empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity in the state.

Image of Kalinga Literary Festival in Odisha

20. What literary festival held in Odisha in December 2023 brought together renowned authors and celebrated literature?

(a) Kalinga Literary Festival

(b) Konark Literary Festival

(c) Puri Beach Literary Festival

(d) Bargarh Literature Festival


Answer: (a) Kalinga Literary Festival

Explanation: December 2023 saw the prestigious Kalinga Literary Festival held in Bhubaneswar, attracting eminent Indian and international authors, poets, and literary enthusiasts. This annual event fostered discussions on diverse themes, promoted literature appreciation, and provided a platform for aspiring writers and readers to connect and gain insights.


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